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Amanda Chodnicki
UCS Graduate
Reporter - CBS/Fox Affiliate
Evansville, Indiana



I have been part of Utica Community Schools my entire life. I attended Ewell Elementary, Malow Junior High and Eisenhower High School. I recently graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor of arts in journalism, with a specialization in electronic news and an additional major in political science. I am now a reporter with a CBS/Fox affiliate in Evansville, Indiana. 

I am very excited to get a start on a career that I started as a 6th grader at Ewell Elementary. I was an anchor on the news show and would stay in at recess to write all the scripts and make the cue cards for the show. I fell in love with the experience and I've stayed with it ever since.

UCS supported me in this goal of becoming a broadcast journalist through my academic experiences and being such a strong community. I am in a career that’s very competitive and there were 500 applicants for my new job. UCS was at the core of my ability to earn this job.  I graduated from Michigan State University and it has a great program, but I first had to get to MSU and that goes back to UCS.

If I knew someone who was looking for a home for their family and asked my opinion of UCS, I would tell them it is an awesome school district. It will give their children an opportunity of a lifetime to start somewhere and move onto bigger things. I am an example of that.

If you truly want to be successful, I don’t think you have to look beyond Utica Community Schools. 

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