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Kevin Lawton

UCS Graduate - 1988
Henry Ford II High School




My story in Utica Community Schools began when I started kindergarten at Graebner Elementary. I was a proud dolphin and eventually moved on to Bemis Junior High School and Henry Ford II High School, where I graduated in 1988. Today I am a 20-year practicing physical therapist. My wife and I have two children - one in high school and one in elementary school.

I believe the foundation I received in Utica Community Schools has led me to where I am today. There are so many opportunities in our district that it allowed me to pursue so many different interests. The teachers allowed me to ask questions and gave me the confidence I needed to be successful.

I think our teachers take a personal interest in every UCS student. Recently, I ran into a former physiology teacher from Henry Ford II High School at my practice. He has the same personality he had when I was in high school. It was important to me to share with him how he molded me and sparked my interest in science.

Henry Ford II High School and Utica Community Schools brought me to where I am today. I think the education you receive in Utica Community Schools rivals any other school or system out there - whether it is private or public.

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Dr. Christine Johns, Superintendent of Schools
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